Testamentary Capacity

Testamentary Capacity

I’ve never recommended marriage as a means of making testamentary provision, but as someone who has seen the entire series of James Bond movies, never say never.

Inheritance in Blended Families

When folk with previous marriages come together, the question of who gets what need not be a problem. Simply speak to an expert….

Too Young for LPA?

Many see the lasting powers of attorney and the last will and testament as two completely separate, unrelated documents.

Missing Assets

There’s a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family… one must to one’s best to avoid ademptioon.

Worth More Dead Than Alive

The only reason one could say that is if they were comparing income to assets. That’s not even comparing
apples to oranges; it’s like comparing apples to motor cars.

Signing Your Will

Despite the Australian comotion about a will in a text message, all wills must be written… here’s why.

Trust to Avoid Inheritance Tax

It’s all very well helping your children get on the property ladder: but the hurt of all pain would be to lose the gift through divorce proceedings or by the machinations of people who are looking to reap where they have not sown.

Intestacy Rules Mean…

We should talk about what intestacy rules mean because there is a big hoo-ha every year. Every summer, you’ll hear it when you turn on the newspaper and when you open the television. Every year with the certainty with which the mushrooms follow the rain, there is a...

Inheritance Tax Changes

Many expect changes to inheritance rules. I fear their expectations would be disappointed. The sensible course would be to act on the rules as they are this day…