Not the manner of utterance from your lips. Some might suggest they were worth more dead than alive.

It’s not the sort of phrase in truth one would hear of an adult. You might have heard, but spake by folk less smart than you: ‘I’m worth more dead than alive.’
No one is ever worth more dead. The only reason one could say that is if they were comparing income to assets. That’s not even comparing
apples to oranges; it’s like comparing apples to motor cars.

For most people, income will cease on death. Their assets will be reduced slightly and then transferred to their beneficiaries.

Worth More Dead than Alive… the Celebrity Story

Yes, you’ve heard of folks such as John Lennon, Bob Marley and Elizabeth Taylor. To say they were no mere mortals would be true, but that would
be to miss the point. They chose to leave their wealth to grow after their deaths. These folk reckoned they had more money than they could spend. They could, if they’d so chosen, have realised their wealth in their lifetimes. Just like David Bowie and Robbie Williams did.
Returning to regular folk, no one’s worth more dead than alive.
But, if you’d rather die intestate

The likes of you and me aren’t worth less alive.

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