Many ask: ‘who’s the best inheritance tax expert near me?’. I started in this industry, so long ago, that then, an inheritance tax was the problem for the rich. Our training covered IHT, my cohort was examined on it, but we had scant practical experience of it.

Fiscal Drag and Expert IHT Advice

Police sergeants, this tax shouldn’t bother staff nurses or jobbing actors. IHT experts say this dreaded tax was not meant imperil the likes of you me. But now, those of modest means are now caught in its web. 

Lessons from Teachers

Janet and John King were teachers. They were never rich, notwithstanding, their estates are subject to inheritance tax. They’re victims of fiscal drag.

A few home truths about IHT: there are over 121 different rules, allowances and exemptions to inheritance tax or death duties. These rules lack clarity, they are contradictory and are confusing, therefore, they are unjust. In short, the rules on IHT resemble the plot of a Kafka novel.

But you’re a sensible adult, therefore, we must deal with matters as we find them, not as we’d like them.

The rules on gifts, the laws on marriage or the tenets on tenant occupied property – which of these interest you?

The Lies

You might have heard that: ‘they’ve increased it [inheritance tax allowance] to a million pounds’.

This is sophistry, exaggeration – I owe you the duty of plain speaking – this is a lie.

Your Expert, Designer or Bespoke?

Many shells out considerable sums on designer clothes. All told, designer, Primark or Marks & Spencer – they’re still off the peg. Why pay so much for off the peg clothes when you can, for the same cost get outfits made bespoke for you?

Who’s the Best Inheritance Tax Expert Near Me?

You’re serious about passing the fruit of your life’s work to your family, therefore, you know an inheritance tax plan is bespoke to you. In drawing up your plan, I start with a blank sheet of paper, I take in all the facts, then I produce a plan bespoke to you.

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