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Get your free copy of the ultimate guide to avoiding inheritance tax, the effective use of trusts and keeping your money in your family forever.

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  • Stop wasting your time going round the internet hunting solutions to your inheritance tax problems.
  • Avoid generic, unclear or contradictory answers… which are worthless.
  • Get perfect, practical solutions specific to your situation.

Save your sanity. Save hundreds of thousands of pounds: get the perfect answer to your estate planning issues, tailored to your query – quickly and cost-effectively.

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Ade Oduyemi

 Understand Estate Planning

Master estate planning: get answers to your estate planning questions. 

Avoid Inheritance Tax Easily

There are 425 different ways to save on IHT. Use them for avoiding inheritance tax.

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Save hours and weeks of fruitless searching: get clear inheritance tax guidance.

Based on 37 reviews
Paul West
Paul West
Ade guided myself and my partner through the Will making process and thanks to his help we both have the peace of mind of having a legally valid document in place. In addition, Ade provided a My things template for me to list, in once place, the whereabouts of documents relating to my assets and kindly sent another one with a box for storing the documents for my partner. He also regularly sends a newsletter with interesting and humourous articles.
Coco Shishi
Coco Shishi
It was so reassuring to find someone local that we could trust with our finances at such a crucial time. We found him thorough, knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. We have already recommended Ade to others.
hayley merrett
hayley merrett
Ade has been so helpful in sorting out our family’s wills. He’s very professional and friendly and has a lot of knowledge and advise to offer . I would highly recommend thank you 😊
Valerie Price
Valerie Price
Very professional and fast service whenever advice is sought. Thank you for all your help.
Jackie Shaw
Jackie Shaw
Having dealt with Ade at Maximum Inheritance Specialists previously when writing our wills we have now completed our Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Ade is a very honest knowledgeable and patient man and fully conversant in these fields. He made himself available to us even on a bank holiday weekend. We really appreciate the work he has done for us.
Philomena Mc Murrough
Philomena Mc Murrough
Ade was so informative, respectful and kind in his procedure. I highly recommend to anyone this service. I highly recommend and will continue to pass Ade's details on.
Bella Vick
Bella Vick
Ade was wonderful. Very diligent, empathetic, and communicative, and went above and beyond for us. He made what is a difficult/ emotional process as easy as possible. Highly recommend.
Hannah Lilley
Hannah Lilley
Ade was really knowledgeable and really helped me through the process. I would highly recommend.
Lisa Spiteri
Lisa Spiteri
Maximum inheritance specialists made writing my will a very quick and easy experience. Ade is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend this service

Master Estate Planning, Avoid IHT

Get a clear understanding of inheritance tax… and how to avoid it.
Download the ultimate inheritance tax guide.

What You Can Expect

Solutions Specific to You
Your family and your financial situation are unique, so, your inheritance tax guidance, and estate planning advice must be laser focused on you.

The solution to every problem depends on its circumstances – the answers to questions on avoiding inheritance tax are only any use if they are based on your circumstances, your aspirations and your intentions.

Therefore, we’ll start with a blank sheet of paper.

In your advice session, we’ll discuss your aspirations for your estate and I outline how you could apply the exemptions, rules, allowances and principles to meet your aspirations for your family’s future financial wellbeing by keeping your inheritance tax bill to as near zero as possible. And, I shall help you understand how the evil of inheritance tax turns a Rolls Royce to a Mini.
I’ll show you how to avoid estate tax, how to keep the evil of inheritance tax away from your family.

Clear Understanding of Your Options
Your advice session will leave you with a clear understanding of the philosophies and principles of estate planning and inheritance tax planning.

You’ll understand how these principles affect your family. Your advice session will leave you with knowledge of the tools you can use to keep your assets safe from HMRC.

You’ll master how to:

  • Use trusts – including life interests trusts, interest-in-possession and discretionary trusts – to keep your money and other assets in the family.
  • Transfer or give assets before your death to avoid tax (and know the benefits and potential pitfalls of doing this).
  • Create a plan provides confidence and security that your money would stay in your family forever.
Clear report of your session
You’ll get a report, in crisp clear language that spells out the detail of our advice session, with all your options outlined, and recommendations for the best way to achieve your desired objective.

You’d get a statement explaining the consequence of each of your options, and where applicable, the cost of each option.

Fixed Fee Advice
Fixed fee advice – less than half the cost of your phone. No gimmicks. No nasty surprises.
365-day Money-Back-Guarantee
365-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your advice session and the recommendations to protect your estate, to keep your money in your family, I’ll return your money in full. You’ve a whole year to ask for your money back. No questions asked.

Master Estate Planning, Avoid IHT

Get a clear understanding of inheritance tax… and how to avoid it.
Download the ultimate inheritance tax guide.