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In a certain Casius Clay advert, alas not one for a Surrey will writing company. By any objective measure, he was one of the best sportsmen ever. He was a fine spokesman. The jist of the commercial was that he was the best at what he did. In his day, his was the most recognisable face on earth.
Award Winning Will Writers

Objectivity matters.
We’re not ‘award winning’ will writers. We don’t win awards. Firms and businesses don’t win awards. Firms win awards prizes and accolades the same way the stork delivers babies. Plenty happens before the baby is delivered. And as adult, you know the delivery – the swaddled infant is nowt to do with the stork.

Businesses do not get awards.

It works thus: The votes are counted. He with the most votes gets the prize. So far so simple. But how to get on the ballot paper? The candidates pay an entry fee, then they campaign. As they’re in it to win it, they campaign as best they can. They spend money; they expend effort and spend time gathering as many votes as they can. This solicitation of votes is exhausting, often taxing and no doubt laborious. It diverts management attention from their prime and sole task of serving their customers.
Who Are the Best Will Writers?

The best will writers serve their clients. Only. We give our customers our full, undivided attention. We don’t divert our attention from those who pay our wages. Our clients.

Best Will Writer in Surrey

The best will writers in Surrey: we concentrate our energies on you. It makes us what we are.

Attempts to get trophies, is an exercise in unfairness. It’s unfair to our clients. It’s an injustice to you. The only award worth winning would be having you as a client. We start all our cases with a blank sheet of paper – we don’t use templates or forms. We delve into the detail. There’s little merit in taking our word for it. Contact us now for a no obligation chat. And you’ll be sure we’re the best will writers in Surrey.