Avoiding Intestacy

You know intestacy can be deliberate. A worse type is the sort of intestacy into which one has sleepwalked.
Nonetheless, no matter the cause, the effects of intestacy are the same. Ugly. Avoiding intestacy is your responsibility as a grown up.

You know when someone doesn’t write a will, the state has a will for them. Yep, that’s intestacy.

Over the years, I’ve developed a three-step method for securing the fruit of your life’s work.

This method has been used by families just like yours to direct their estates to the hands of those they want. With this method we’ll keep out all manner of hanger on including the tax man. I’ll ensure your estate is planned for you.

We’ll start with a blank sheet of paper.

You appreciate the horrors of intestacy.

The security you want, and that your family deserves is close at hand. Because it would be for you, your will would always be up to date.

I’m prepared to invest 45 minutes in a no obligation consultation in the comfort of your home. I’ll start with a blank sheet of paper. We’ll discuss the people in your life, which of those people you want to get your estate and under what  circumstances.
We’ll examine the possibilities  at no risk to you.

Always Up To Date

I guarantee your will and all the arrangements we made would always be up to date  – even if you lived till 110.

Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to immunise your estate and your family from the plague of intestacy.

Well, I say free, it’s almost free.  I would cost you a cup of tea. You don’t have to prepare anything. I’ll do all the heavy lifting.

You don’t have to prepare anything. All the information you need is in your head heart.

Responsible adults like you know procrastination is the thief of wealth. They are aware of the uncertainties of life. I’m offering you a road map that would secure your estate with the minimum of effort.

To avoid intestacy, plan your inheritance and ensure your estate goes the way you want, simply fill the form below to request an appointment and I shall get back to you shortly.