Testamentary Freedom in Blended Families

Hello, I’ve a question on testamentary freedom in blended families. Like me, you must have seen cases in the newspapers where wills have been overturned. I’ve read a couple of your articles in which you’ve referred to testamentary freedom.What testamentary freedom and...

Talk About Your Will

If you’re expecting an inheritance from your relatives, when do you plan to talk about them.

Inheritance in Blended Families

When folk with previous marriages come together, the question of who gets what need not be a problem. Simply speak to an expert….

Too Young for LPA?

Many see the lasting powers of attorney and the last will and testament as two completely separate, unrelated documents.

First Rule of the Codicil: We Don’t Talk About Codicils

On codicils. First, congratulations on writing your will. In the fullness of time you might need to update your will. There are good reasons you might want to change your will.You might have heard of codicils. It is a recognised means of changing a will. It is...

What is best for Inheritance Tax Children’s Gifts

Sally wanted to talk about making inheritance tax children’s gifts when I visited her to amend her will on the birth of her four-week-old grandson, Josh.  She asked me if I had a pension. ‘Non-sequitur,’ I thought. It was her opening for a discussion on the...

Intestacy & Overseas Property

You are forward thinking enough to not plan to die intestate. You understand the misery and mess that intestacy causes and you want to avoid that for your nearest and dearest. In for a penny, in for a pound – we should beware of accidental or partial intestacy. All...

Missing Assets

There’s a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family… one must to one’s best to avoid ademptioon.

Multi-Generational Inheritance Planning

By what ever circumstances, you come into an inheritance: before you take the cheque and run, your first thought should be ‘How do I save my family, several generations down the line, the burden of paying 40% tax on this gift for generations yet unborn?’

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