Joint Wills and Mutual Wills

Joint Wills and Mutual Wills

Q: I seem to recall your advice against joint wills and mutual wills. Yesterday, I overheard someone the other day talk of joint will. I’m confused. Was this just a slip of the tongue or do these people know what they’re talking about? A: On my 25th...
Inheritance Tax: Laugh at Suspicion

Inheritance Tax: Laugh at Suspicion

My know-it-all sister is not averse to the sale, but she says the sale must be at the full market value. Surely, my parents can sell their property to whomever they wish at whatever price they agree. Who’s right?

Tax and the Disabled Beneficiary

Tax and the Disabled Beneficiary

We were talking about making provision for her son with special needs, because as you know, beneficiaries with special needs are treated slightly less ungenerously by the tax system.

Free Wills Month: There’s a Cost to Free

Free wills months… sensible idea?My car is due for service in about four hundred miles. As I work from home it would take me plenty weeks to drive those miles, no matter.  I’ll tell the garage owner that rather than pay her [a most personable lady runs the...

Missing Assets

There’s a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family… one must to one’s best to avoid ademptioon.

Heir Hunters & You

The TV show Heir Hunters arises from folk not guarding against intestacy. You can avoid intestacy, I can help you

Assisted Suicide and Inheritance

I’d like to ask about Assisted Suicide and Inheritance. My mother is terminally ill – she has one of those nasty neurological diseases that I can’t pronounce. Bob, her husband of 21 years, has agreed to take her to Belgium (cheaper than Switzerland) so she may...

To Write Your Own Will, Is it Wise?

Will writing, can you write your own will, can you write a DIY will? Of course, you can, but… Should you? Let’s see why it isn’t so wise to write your own will. The Harm of DIY There are five main reasons not to write your own will, but before we run down the...

Handling a Bankrupt Beneficiary

Q:My brother, after many years building his business was just starting to make money worthy of the sacrifice. And then this COVID19 thing started, he sees no option to bankruptcy. He’s a would thus be a bankrupt beneficiary.  My parents worry my brother’s...